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I’m an artist, technologist and futurist who is as comfortable animating shots on the latest summer blockbuster as pitching new products to Fortune 10 executives.

20 years of working in the trenches as an animator, designer, developer, prototyper and manager has given me a unique perspective on the intersection of art, product, brand and technology.  Whether it’s an ideation session on a digital product, a brand activation using the latest in VR or an experiential prototype, I’ve been there and come back to tell the tale.


My first professional animated project was in 2001. Since that first commercial I've worked on movies, television, video games, VR/AR/MR, interactive and experiential projects, corporate presentations and more. While the lion's share of my work has been as a character animator, I'm a generalist who's done plenty of modeling, rigging, and even lighting and compositing when needed.


I founded a web design and dev firm in 1998. At the time, I used Coldfusion, PHP, and HTML. 20 years later, I'm still coding, but my needs have evolved. I pick up what I need as I go, and that's meant Python for Touchdesigner and Maya, Javascript and Coffeescript to make web or Framer prototypes, or C# and C++ for Unity or Unreal.
Whatever it takes.


During my time at the DIRECTV and AT&T innovation labs, my team went from being the guys tasked with presenting the lab's results to leading much of the deeper horizon research. Autonomous cars, IoT, drones... My research had me crossing the country immersing myself into emerging subject areas and presenting my own work to the company at large. This research often led to specific projects, presentations to the CEO, and even a booth at South by Southwest.


These days design is split into so many specialties, but I've found that good, common sense process still gets you pretty far. I've created treatments, sites and interfaces, and see good design and the research that drives it to be inseparable.


I see prototyping as a way to model a product as an experience first, so as to not get bogged down in engineering challenges too early. I'll use any tool, and many of my prototypes have been a mix of hardware, like Arduinos and sensors, interfaced with software like Unity or Touchdesigner.


With my background in CG and my work in experiential prototyping, VR was an obvious fit. Early experiments led to more and more VR projects, and I soon found myself as part of a small group of in-house experts advising DIRECTV and AT&T on how to take advantage of these technologies and creating digital products. Further exploration has been everything from 360° video, to AR collaboration tools and mobile apps, to immersive VR. Developed for Rift, Vive, Tango, Hololens, GearVR, Cardboard, ODG and more.

I love projects that straddle the threshold between storytelling and technology

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