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Animation, 3D Modeling




Bunraku is an ambitiously stylish action movie. To give some background to the story, Guilherme Marcondes was brought in to make a short film, setting up the dystopian, gang-ridden world in a style that would lead to the visuals of the movie.

The original vision for the short was to transition from simple 2D cutouts to more complex 3D animation as the story progressed, and then returning to the more simple style.

I was part of a small CG team responsible for all the CG elements. I animated the fighting characters and the shaking hands. I also modeled the hands, top down city, the clothes and reworked the character models.

Choreographing the fight was a fun experience — Ricardo Nadu, the rigger and a knowledgeable martial artist, worked with me to work out a fun and realistic sequence of punches to give the fight some extra visual interest