Green Lantern




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My shots from the film.

I was lucky to get to work a great deal with the Green Lantern Corps characters in the Great Hall sequence. One other animator and myself were tasked with animating the 26 alien characters in the midground of that series of shots. It was challenging, but a great deal of fun, to work with easily the craziest character designs I’ve ever had the opportunity to play with.

A few other standout shots for me would have to include the flying shot of Hal and Tomar-Re, I was responsible for Tomar-Re, and his swimming-like flying style reminded me a lot of my work on Battle for Terra. And even though Hal/Green Lantern is pretty small on screen, the shot of him flying away from Parallax in the asteroid field is one of my favorites from the show — the tension and sense of self-motivation in the flight reads well on screen.