An up and coming electronic percussion company, ATV is on a mission to utilize cutting-edge triggering technology with some of the most accurate and realistic drum samples in the industry.

These guys were great clients for my studio, Shadow Estate, and took advantage of the breadth of projects we could take on. 

Here’s a few of the highlights.

Digital Catalog

The company asked me to create a digital catalog of their products that could be used in various media (print, web, interactive, etc). This required extreme realism and accuracy in the models, but also required a way to quickly and easily art direct virtual photo shoots, drum layouts, and adding new products into the mix.

I took advantage of the opportunity to teach myself how to use Modo’s mesh operations to create a tool that would parametrically construct models of drums and cymbals based on a table of basic data like diameter, width, the number of lugs, type and product line. New products could be quickly added with just a data points. 

These drums were added to easy to use rigs which simplified the layout and art direction process. One rig for any kind of floor drum, another for any drum or cymbal on a stand, and these rigs could just be duplicated and placed to create any possible kit. And by making materials global and easily applied, different colors and finishes could be quickly prototyped and imaged.

Animated Logo

The ATV logo was on everything, but in their video communications, it was static. I designed and animated a simple animated logo that could be effective on its own, as a lower thirds bug, or as a video transition.

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We shot and edited various videos for ATV utilizing our studio space. 

These included an Instagram video featuring the ATV Aframe instrument, as well as tutorial videos explaining various features of the ATV aDrums.

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