Building the World's
First VR Boxing App

- 2015 -

Taking a swing at the future of boxing

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Audience Network



Producing, Management, VR Experience Design

What Was It?

A 360° promotional video for Audience Network’s pay-per-view boxing league, Big Knockout Boxing. I was part of the team that produced the app for DIRECTV.

Feel It

To help promote Audience’s BKB pay-per-view fights, we produced a short highlight reel of one of the BKB events, sitting viewers down in a great seat to watch all the pugilistic action. Virtual Jumbotron screens would lower into view when viewers gazed at them, giving closeup views of the action. 

Magnopus was brought in to execute the vision. Shot with several RED Dragon cameras, the massive footage was stitched, cut, and composited with a virtual animated platform and the Jumbotron screens, along with navigation, to give viewers the feeling of being in the stands in Las Vegas. 

Promotional Google Cardboards were printed, so anyone with a newer smartphone could experience the fights, and look awesome doing it.

"DirecTV is taking a first stab at virtual reality (VR) with a new app that takes users ringside to a boxing fight."
"DirecTV Punches Up VR App"
"delivers highlights from DirecTV’s Big Knockout Boxing event from late June in an immersive 360-degree experience."
"Aimed at boxing fans, Big Knockout Boxing virtual reality app, will allow virtual reality-ready smartphone owners to see highlights"..."and to see those highlights like they were up close and personal."
"Big Knockout Boxing (BKB) VR, that allows viewer to get right in on the action, all in virtual reality "